Black Friday 2019 - a vital lookback

As consumers, many of us were clearly seduced by the discounts on offer, whilst others held back on spending, questioning the authenticity of deals, struggling with tech issues or compromised by environmental concerns.
As a retailer, your focus will soon be on Black Friday 2020 planning - that's just where this new report comes in very handy!
At Wunderman Thompson Commerce, we wanted to get behind the stats, the rhetoric and the hype and find out exactly what customers do on Black Friday, where they spend their money, and what they think about it. We then packaged these findings along with our insight from supporting some of the biggest retail organisations around, via our dedicated Peak Operations Centre.

Black Friday 2020 UK report

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The report presents a wealth of compelling findings, alongside the key opportunities behind each, including:
▪︎ 3 in 5 UK shoppers did not purchase any Black Friday deals
▪︎ 23.8% intend to spend more during Black Friday 2020
▪︎ 4 in 10 use the opportunity of Black Friday to "self-gift"
▪︎ 3 in 5 think that Black Friday deals are misleading
▪︎ Just 1 in 4 believe they get the best deals during Black Friday
▪︎ 17.8% bought an Amazon smart device during Black Friday 2019

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