"Buying Tomorrow"

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Innovation & convenience beats brand

Brand loyalty is tumbling with nine in ten (88%) consumers seeing speed of delivery more important than the brand being ordered. And these consumers are comfortable with new and innovative ways to shop too, with 45% currently using or likely to use digital assistants such as Amazon Echo, Alexa, or Google Home in the next 12 months. Six out of ten of us now welcome the benefits of Programmatic Commerce - allowing technology yo automatically purchase goods for us.

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Programmatic Commerce is the automated purchase of products by devices, and effectively takes away the pain from boring tasks and regulates regular purchases.

Programmatic Commerce has inherently been applied to the grocery or FMCG sector, but there is potential for it to succeed in fashion.


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Innovation isn't an option, it's essential for retail 500x33

Innovation isn't an option, it's essential for retail

Consumer spending continues to endure its longest period of decline in four years as shoppers refuse to show an appetite for increased spending. Visa's latest analysis demonstrates that shopping habits are changing; having a strong online strategy alone is clearly no longer enough in the highly competitive retail sector.

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