Commerce 2020

Mindset Driven Purchasing and The Female Shopper

Chloe Cox - Consultant, Salmon

Mindset Driven Purchasing and The Female Shopper

Chloe Cox discusses the importance of engaging with your female shoppers in a world where gender is less binary, in order to improve customer engagement with your website using mindset driven purchasing.

Chloe explains the differences between the hedonic and utilitarian mindset, and how the way females purchase differs to men. As a majority of women conduct product research before they buy, they desire more detailed product information on your site. Chloe also explains that women are 1.5x more likely to make purchases based on social media posts by other organisations.


Download the presentation and get exclusive access to the video to:
  • Identify the differences between the two behavioural mindsets - hedonic and utilitarian.

  • Understand that female shoppers desire greater levels of product information.

  • Acknowledge that businesses must develop their social media strategy.

  • Discover that female shoppers appreciate trustworthy customer reviews on product pages.