Commerce 2020 
From Trends To Traction: Leveraging Technology to Drive Business PERFORMANCE

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  • Recognise that disruptors aren't the ones who own the technology, but own the customers
  • Gain a greater understanding of how businesses can leverage technology to drive business performance
  • Acknowledge that transformation is not just about technology or customer engagement; it's also about the reform of corporate structures

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From Trends to Traction

Rather than looking for great solutions, we're seeking out great problems - as great problems need great solutions. Cindy Hoots, Vice President of IT at Unilever, discusses how businesses are looking to experiment with this new technology and focus on these problems to highlight where we can best leverage this to delight the consumer.

When organisations were once focusing on mass production with a product-based approach, we're now looking to be more agile. But businesses don't always have the right tools, people, and skills to respond in a way the retail world is asking them to. Cindy explains how businesses need to gain some traction in order to overcome this problem.