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The Amazon Impact - Compete, Collaborate or Both?

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Should you Compete or Collaborate with Amazon

Eric Heller addresses Amazon's undeniable success, and Amazon Prime's consequential impact on shopping behaviour. He explains how businesses need to think like Amazon, and adopt Amazon's tactics across their own channels, to compete with the retail giant and stay ahead of the game.

Eric explains that Amazon is not the be-all-end-all for all online businesses. Business can, in fact, collaborate with Amazon by not only utilising the Amazon framework on their own website, but also selling directly on the Amazon marketplace. He goes on to explain that it may be beneficial for businesses to use the Amazon marketplace and their loyal customers to their advantage by selling on the platform, whilst also selling their products on their own online site.

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For retailers and brands looking for ways to grab market share from the Amazon empire, it's important to ask "What Amazon Can't Do". What Amazon does not do so well present much better opportunities for other players to gain traction and add value than trying to beat the master at its own game.


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The Amazon Impact Report

In this new report, Eric Heller draws on his deep experience to offer insight into how working with, and outside, the ecommerce giant Amazon can bring rich rewards, and presents the most effective strategy for brands.

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