Commerce 2020

The Key Trends set to Define the Future of eCommerce

Hugh Fletcher - Global Head of Consultancy & Innovation, Salmon

The Key Trends set to Define the Future of eCommerce

Hugh Fletcher discusses the 5 key trends set to define the future of eCommerce:

  1. Interface Imperialists; companies who seek to own every interface with the customer to become the default choice for whatever the customer wants to do.

  2. Investing in your own, self-reliant infrastructure in order to own the infrastructure your competitors require to survive.

  3. Keeping up with the growing customer expectations surrounding delivery, particularly the desire for 1-day delivery.

  4. Loyalty to service, rather than brand; customers are demanding greater ease and convenience with their online journey.

  5. Defining and developing your omnichannel strategy to compete with the likes of Amazon after its acquisition of Whole Foods and the creation of Amazon Go.


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  • Understand how Interface Imperialists redefine customer experiences, and why this matters to you.

  • Realise the importance of investing in your own, self-reliant infrastructure.

  • Fully appreciate the importance of providing your customers a seamless delivery service.

  • Recognise the significance of defining your omnichannel strategy.