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Zero UI, how our future with customers will change forever

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  • Delve into what the latest Zero UI technologies are and how brands are utilising its potential
  • Learn how customer expectations are changing when ordering products online
  • Gain an understanding of the brain computer interface (BCI), and how retailers will leverage this technology
  • Acknowledge that you need to consider what your tech strategy will be for the next two decades

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How our future with customers will change

Naji El-Arifi, Head of Innovation at Wunderman Thompson Commerce, discusses the concept of ecommerce in a screen-less world; Zero UI. Smart devices use voice commands, physical gestures, automatic purchasing, and thoughts to purchase online without the use of a screen. These technologies are becoming mainstream and will eventually be used throughout the retail industry.

Customers are starting to receive fantastic, fast experiences with Zero UI with other brands, and they will come to expect this with every brand and retailer. Naji explains that you need to get out there and investigate how Zero UI is going to affect your specific retail industry, and what your competitors are already doing with this technology.

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The world of retail is experiencing a revolution. Be it the closure of stores, the shift to more online spend, or the pure-plays' move into bricks and mortar - the rules of retail are changing, fast! Whilst this quick-changing landscape might appear frightening, the opportunities for success are innumerable. Yet, many organisations are ignoring some of the key macro trends that will define the future of retail. 

This guide is designed to help you visualise this future, and inspire yours.


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What comes after voice commerce?

More than half of consumers today say that they would be happy to make purchases via voice commerce. All the signs are that we are moving away from a world where screens are the main interface for accessing the internet and towards a future where everything is done via voice. With that reality already on the horizon, is there anything more innovative to follow?

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