Commerce 2020

European Retail: Digital Disruption and Survival

Simon Birkenhead - European Managing Director, L2

European Retail: Digital Disruption and Survival

From retail brands to food and grocery retailers, FMCG brands, and CPG brands, Simon Birkenhead discusses the current winners and losers in the online retail battle. Simon demonstrates how the L2 Digital IQ index identifies the impact of digital on both specific retail industries and brand performance.

Simon also discusses Amazon, and what retailers and brands need to do in order to compete; specifically how businesses can use product information, SEO and keyword optimisation, order fulfillment, same-day delivery and personalisation to provide their customers the optimal shopping experience.


Get exclusive access to the video to:
  • Explore L2's findings of the grocery sector in Europe.

  • Learn how digital innovation beyond fulfilment has stalled in UK and going backwards in Europe.

  • Learn how to optimise product descriptions and use personalisation to drive traffic to your site.
  • Understand that businesses must also focus on driving customers offline.