Introducing Commerce Experience Design


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"Many companies are unaware of their actual customer journeys, and the experiences customers are receiving. So, why is this important? The landscape has changed; it once used to be about the product, but it then became about the service. But, a service without experience is nothing. Think of the music industry - the music is the experience, the rest is simply the delivery mechanism, be it vinyl, CD, iPod, or streaming service.

Previously, customers rarely jumped across channels during their journey. Experiences, however, are now more complex. Great experiences are now woven. Memorable experiences are created by intertwining journey threads.

WT Commerce's CX team will help you discover your existing customer journeys. We will help you design your customer threads, and create your future experiences. We do this via a commercially driven approach, 'Commerce Experience Design'."

Rachel Smith, Director of Customer Experience

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CXD and the power of 5

Commerce Experience Design is the overlap between Interface Design, User Experience Design, and Service Design. It's a practice unique to Wunderman Thompson Commerce. Example outputs include Customer journey maps, Service blueprints, Customer Research (Quantitative and Qualitative), Experience strategy and Prototypes, and Future journey maps. We base these deliverables upon five principles:

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Sharing CXD resources


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Creating impact through CX


"Wunderman Thompson Commerce fully understands our online and offline customers, and how the journeys can sometimes be quite a tangled web. This relationship has meant that, across projects, we've been able to work seamlessly to improve both our online and offline customer experience."

Andrew Grainger



"Moving to a new digital platform has really set us up for growth for the next 3 years. Wunderman Thompson Commerce has been instrumental in helping us innovate and deliver a first-class customer experience, both on- and offline."

Russell Harte

Group Technical Director, DFS


"Much of the work by Wunderman Thompson Commerce allows us to build new and exciting functionality that will make the shopping experience better, faster, and more efficient for our customers. Customers can look forward to some exciting developments!"

Clive West

(former) Digital Director, Halfords Group