Ecommerce platform & architecture trends

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ecommerce solution architecture is evolving

The need to innovate faster, to integrate rapidly into new systems, and to deploy quality code at a high frequency all demand new approaches to architecture.

These changes go hand in hand with the rise of cloud computing, devops, and other advances in development methodologies, which promise to provide much greater business agility. This, in turn, is changing the way we view ecommerce platforms.

Vendors are changing the way platforms are delivered to provide lower TCO, greater flexibility, and to be more suited to SaaS offerings. This presents both an opportunity and a risk to businesses, where online is increasingly competitive. Adoption of modern technology solutions and practices can provide an edge, but without clear direction, your business will fall behind.

In this whitepaper, renowned ecommerce authority Glen Burson shares his expert inside track on the key components of a future-proofed ecommerce strategy, and looks at how to build them into your systems today.

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Five trends to future-proof your ecommerce platform

The way we run ecommerce is changing. The days of enormous, feature-packed, off-the-shelf software platforms deployed on premises or in a private cloud are being left behind, to be replaced by more agile, multi-faceted SaaS solutions.

We have identified five key trends in the evolution of ecommerce architecture which we believe are essential to providing businesses with the digital platforms they need to meet future demand.

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Ecommerce platform trends and architecture today

Ecommerce platforms represent some of the fastest growing technology, driven by the need to accommodate agility, innovate functionality and improve deployment. The role of ecommerce platforms is changing and this, too, is giving rise to fresh evolution across architecture and delivery. These key trends demonstrate the change that is taking place in the ecommerce world today.

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