The Insider's Guide
to Ecommerce
Platform Delivery

A must-have guide for professionals implementing
new ecommerce platforms

Better eCommerce implementation doesn't start with the platform. It begins with:

  •  A vision that articulates the strategic direction of your eCommerce plan

  • Developing an architecture that supports your vision

  • Identifying data and developing interfaces before the eCommerce implementation

It's only then that you should select a platform - one that fits best with your vision and business processes.

This 2018 report updates the key platforms that should be high on your list for consideration.

Download the 2018 guide to:

  • Adopt a highly effective approach to platform selection
  • Get an updated review of the major platforms 
  • Get expert advice across the key areas that matter for effective implementation
  • Understand the realistic costs of platform deployment
  • Reference a top ten checklist for replatforming