The Future of Retail Report 2018

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  • The pace of change in retail - adapt or die
  • The future consumer - shopping habits are radically changing
  • Social shopping - the Chinese way. The challenges and opportunities
  • Embracing the Internet of Things - to deliver enhanced shopping experiences
  • Retail Leadership - adapting for change
  • The future of the department store - what will the next 10 years spell out?
  • Customer experience - a successful digital strategy
  • Why are there so few women leaders in the most female-focused sector?


What is the future of retail?

The lives of consumers have changed dramatically. 2017 marked the step change in awareness of Zero UI (User Interface), and 2018 looks set to solidify voice assistants like Amazon Alexa as the retail technology trend that could have the biggest impact on retailers and consumers alike. It's time retailers faced up to the new ways that consumers are shopping and adapt or die.

The Future of Retail special report, published in The Time, delves into what it takes for retailers to survive and thrive in the digital age. Social shopping is on the rise as Chinese instant messaging goliath WeChat presents a huge opportunity for retailers, while consumers are becoming increasingly mindful of the impact their purchasing habits have on the environment. Also featured is an infographic documenting smart shopping and automation in retail, as well as an article on the need for department stores to adapt or face possible extinction.

To prepare for the future, you need to understand what it might look like. Download this report to help you connect the dots.

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Navigating the ecommerce landscape is a tricky business for brands and retailers. Choosing the right platform for a product, competing or collaborating with Amazon, and whether to embrace new technology, are only some thoughts that will keep many of them up at night.

But how are these brands and retailers reacting, not just to today's demands of consumers, but to tomorrow's tech-savvy shoppers?


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The Hybrid Future of Retail 2019 500x333

What's In-Store: The Hybrid Future of Retail

The average consumer doesn't know or care about "channel", they only know what they want, and expect to get that problem solved painlessly. Retailers that wish to thrive will understand this and adapt their strategies accordingly. The answer isn't either digital or physical; it's giving consumers the best of both worlds. Download this report to learn what that looks like.

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