The new Wunderman Commerce Futures 2018 report lays out some key trends businesses need to know about, and start planning for, including:

  • How the retail and digital innovators continue to define and deliver their vision of the future – be that through technology, interfaces, service or control – and in so doing are defining and delivering the infrastructure through which brands
    and companies are forced to operate.
  • How the role of data becomes more and more important as it glues together disparate experiences into a cohesive and personalized journey, leaving behind those companies who bury their heads in the sand with legacy and budgetary concessions.
  • The erosion of the strength of brands as consumers seek innovations which offer ease and convenience rather than valuing historic brand relationships which offer little current benefit.

To prepare for the future, you need to understand what it might look like. And to understand what it might look like, Wunderman Commerce can help you join the dots.

Download the 24 page report to understand:

  • How Zero UI has become the invisible opportunity
  • The theory behind Programmatic Commerce and automated replenishment
  • Why consumers now have a loyalty to service and not brand
  • The value of creating 'chained experiences'
  • GDPR - the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Plus many more digital trends that can help keep you ahead!

Download your Futures 2018 Report now