Using the Adobe SPA Editor to seamlessly deliver commerce content and transactional capabilities at scale.



New patterns of integration like single page applications with eCommerce services are changing the way organisations are architecting their cross-channel transactional capability. Adobe AEM 6.5 SPA editor, combined with eCommerce engines, such as Adobe Magento, are providing a step up in the ways we can deliver business content tooling at scale, deeply integrated to eCommerce capabilities.

In this technical paper, we explore the new features of Adobe AEM and how these advances in technology can greatly ease the integration effort between content management systems and transactional eCommerce platforms such as Adobe Magento. It is presented by Wunderman Thompson and Cognifide.

Wunderman Thompson is the new creative, technology and data agency built to inspire growth for ambitious brands through creative, data, commerce, consulting and technology services at a global scale.

Cognifide is a Wunderman Thompson marketing technology consultancy that works with some of the world's leading businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Together, we investigate how advances in technology and newly released features in Adobe AEM are driving faster and richer eCommerce experiences that enable businesses to work seamlessly with transactional web ecosystems. Chapters include:

  • Introduction to Wunderman Thompson and Cognifide
  • Single Page Application (SPA) - a new kind of headless architecture
  • Adobe AEM, SPA and eCommerce workloads
  • Other benefits of approach