Our latest report presents useful insights on how to win the digital shelf and how to build a great customer experience across all touchpoints.

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  • How to set up a healthy ecosystem for product content
  • How to get reliable source data for your products
  • How to setup channel publication
  • How to improve quality of content
  • How to win your categories

Creating the best possible digital shelf is about building a great online customer experience

When discussing the optimal digital shelf, Amazon sets the agenda. The Amazon approach to CX depends on product information being shared freely with the digital shelf, by sellers and vendors.

Each product detail page has up to 700 data attributes that can be assessed by a consumer online. This vast amount of required data is there for the sole purpose of offering a great experience to shoppers searching for products.


Of digital consumers want more brands and retailers to offer the same level of service as Amazon.


Of digital consumers shop on Amazon first instead of shopping via brand websites or search engines.

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