Innovation, creativity & agility have been key to China's turnaround

For all the challenges Chinese retailers faced with on-premise retail in many sectors all but suspended, and both footfall and supply chains severely disrupted by restrictions on movement, numerous stories have emerged of innovation, resilience and cooperation. And these approaches are likely to prove both crucial and future-ready as businesses pivot to both safety and longer term success.

Taking our cue from various standout examples as well as Kantar's cross-industry China study, this report offers guidance on where your business needs to focus.

Lessons From China Brochure

What lessons can we learn from China's experience?

Don't delay - embrace digital now

93% of Chinese consumers expect to increase their use of digital shopping channels (against an average of 65%)

Integrate digital & physical channels

The role of the store will shift more towards the experience of shopping, and also play a bigger role in online shopping

Leverage new channels

70% of online shoppers in China would prefer their online purchases to be digital and instantly downloadable, not physical


Rapid response measures 500x333


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are embattled, either by a collapse in custom or huge spikes in demand, by enforced store closures, or a constant pressure to align and protect their workforce. But look beyond these significant challenges, and you'll see there are clear, swift measures you can take to help you navigate the threats and seize opportunities. 

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Not a delivery business  You are now 500x333-1


Nailing delivery has long been a challenge for businesses, and those that are only just thinking about this now find themselves behind the curve at a critical moment. It is important that businesses take the time to think about what delivery means to them in a world that might be vastly different on the other side of this pandemic.

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B2B commerce phased approach 500x333


With 87% of B2B companies migrating existing customers to digital channels, the stakes have never been higher in enabling successful digital transformation. Yet eCommerce platform migration can be a daunting endeavour. We look at the advantages in adopting a headless commerce model and a phased approach to platform migration.

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