Time to embrace marketplaces and 3rd party channels?

The appalling toll of the COVID-19 outbreak is inevitably creating winners and losers. 

The challenge of keeping up is about understanding where and how your customers are shopping, and creating a presence in those places as quickly as possible. And as industry data and our own research shows, marketplaces today are moving ahead fast and winning customers from offline and other online channels.

This playbook is the third in a series designed to help businesses address key challenges brought on by Covid-19 impacts. 

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Sell on a marketplace?

If you don't have your own eCommerce platform, there are numerous benefits to selling via a marketplace - as well as challenges. We present the pros and a few cons.

Partner with resellers?

Another approach is to sell your products through a reseller, one that has their own eCommerce channel or is established on a marketplace site. Find out more in the report.

Set up your own marketplace?

If your business has its own eCommerce site, another option is to become a marketplace yourself by allowing third party sellers onto your platform. Download the report for info.


Drop in Demand and Sales 500x333


For any retailer or brand, the most pressing concern is experiencing a significant drop in sales and demand. Businesses are having to adapt quickly, with eCommerce increasingly the core business strategy, underscored by making digital channels as ‘shoppable’ as possible. This playbook addresses 3 pressing scenarios below, with considerations and actions to tackle each.

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Unplanned Peaks 500x333


Whilst a drop in demand elicits most focus right now, many businesses have experienced sudden, sustained peaks, as a move to shopping online has caused a continuous surge of website traffic. And this has brought its own problems, with businesses challenged by supply chains issues, scaling up online channels and delivery capabilities, whilst maintaining standards of customer service.

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Lessons from China 500x333


For all the challenges Chinese retailers faced with on-premise retail in many sectors all but suspended, and footfall and supply chains severely disrupted by restrictions on movement, numerous stories have emerged of innovation, resilience and cooperation. And these approaches are likely to prove both crucial and future-ready as businesses pivot to both safety and longer term success.

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