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  • Grasp just why marketplaces need to be part of your channel mix
  • Understand the key considerations and actions in building your own marketplace or selling via a third party
  • Learn from our marketplace experts how to create a flywheel effect by allowing 3rd party sellers on your platform
  • Understand how Amazon is beating Google at its own game and why this matters


Winning the war for customer attention

Our 2019 Future Shopper research presents overwhelming evidence on the vital importance of marketplaces - as a channel supporting just how consumers want to shop across sectors, and as a core piece in your online channel mix.

The decision on whether to sell on marketplaces or to launch your own can, therefore, have a significant impact on your organisation and the way you do business.

This whitepaper looks at the dynamics of online marketplaces; what makes them successful, and how you can use them to your advantage as an additional distribution channel. We also consider the rationale to transform your own website into a marketplace, allowing other sellers on your platform to increase your product range without the investment in additional inventory.

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