Targeting Today’s Tech-Savvy Shopper

Why your eCommerce platform is critical to support the journeys of the modern day consumer

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About the report

In a recent major survey, "The Future Shopper", we quizzed more than 3500 US & UK consumers who shop online at least once a month.

Technology was a major part of the conversation - how they liked to shop online, the tech they were using and wanted to use in the future, and how digital could inspire a positive shopping experience.

One finding stood out – today’s online shoppers expect digital innovation from their retail experience and businesses they deal with. And they actively make purchasing choices based on this.

This new report explores this further, and what it means for brands and retailers. We highlight the critical role of the engine that supports customer journeys - the commerce platform. We consider the implications for retailers looking to design online journeys around ever-increasing consumer expectations, and consider some of the emerging technologies that give businesses the best chance of meeting them.

Tech-savvy businesses are balancing three key eCommerce channels - marketplaces, retailers and D2C - to inspire growth today, and in the future.
These channels are being driven by digital technology. At the same time, today's shoppers are favouring brands and retailers that offer a tech inspired online experience.
Key to the success is the engine that supports both sides - the eCommerce platform. Our report explores this, alongside the standout findings of a major new survey, "The Future Shopper".

What you'll learn

  • The preferences and priorities of today's online shoppers and what they expect from brands and retailers
  • Why introducing tech solutions ahead of the curve is essential to retain the attention of today's tech-savvy shopper
  • The implication of our "Future Shopper" findings for the commerce platforms that support consumer journeys
  • The new technologies favoured by today's shoppers
  • How organisations can meet the new expectations

About the Authors


Patrick Munden, 
Global Head of Retail and Marketing, Salmon 

Patrick's expertise is founded on fifteen years’ experience in global eCommerce with companies such as eBay, where he headed up B2B marketing across Europe, and eCommerce consultancy Salmon where he is in demand as one of the UK’s go-to spokespeople on eCommerce and retail.


Imran Choudhary, 
Retail Commerce Lead, IBM

A qualified software engineer, Imran blends his knowledge of the capabilities of IT with the business practises of operating a retail brand in the digital age. He works with retailers and B2B organisations to understand the role digital plays within their business and future strategy.