The Future Shopper 2019 surveyed over 15,000 online consumers across the USA, UK, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Czechia.

See a selection of the report’s findings below; a more nuanced, geographical view is revealed in the full report, which highlights new trends, insights and success strategies for a rapidly changing world.

What Online Shoppers Want

Reflected in the high scores across a variety of factors, it's clear we want it all - best prices, selection, and availability. And we want it all now.

The challenges for brands? To balance lower price strategies with the needs of their channel partners, and to implement efficient fulfilment and delivery capabilities.



Item in stock


Free Delivery


Delivery speed


Inspiration can strike anywhere

For inspiration, consumers scour several channels for product discovery and recommendations, which shows they're truly platform-agnostic.

The responses suggest brands and retailers need to take an omnichannel approach to inspiration, building a presence in as many places used by their customers as they can.

Where do you go for inspiration for purchases?

Search Engines


Brand websites


Social Media


Gen Z hold the key to Amazon's
grip on retail tomorrow

Amazon still dominates. But its grip on shoppers is not so strong when it comes to the younger generation.

We found loyalty to Amazon noticeably lower with the Gen Z age group.

How Gen Z act and think:


Use 'search' to find inspiration online


Use branded sites to find inspiration


Find inspiration through social media platforms

Amazon still rules
for product searches

Amazon rules across many areas - for now - and when it comes to searching for specific products, comparing prices and reading reviews, Amazon is still the number one destination, though search engines are a close second.

Where do you go to search for products?



Search Engines


Brand websites




Social is climbing. Are you onboard?

Nearly a third of online shoppers now find inspiration in social media – up from 23% in our 2018 survey.

Expect this to continue as it's a source of purchase inspiration for 1 in every 2 consumers aged 16-24. Social commerce is going native too, with embedded technologies so you don't have to swap channels to make a purchase.

Who finds inspiration through social media?

aged 16-24


Aged 25-34






Our Demands are growing.
Can retailers keep up?

Are shoppers more demanding these days? Of course they are! A range of demands from ethics to free samples show that consumers expect retailers to do a lot for them - and the world - before they are ready to buy.


Told us brand ethics are important in purchase decisions


Choose environmentally responsible brands


More likely to buy from digitally innovative brands


Want free samples based on their purchase history

Other areas on our radar

NOT EVERYONE LOVES OR SHOPS AMAZON: We look at the reasons why consumers choose to shop elsewhere and which age group is showing a notable lack of loyalty

VOICE ASSISTANTS: We investigate if their adoption for shopping is rising and who's using them for purchases

PROGRAMMATIC COMMERCE: Are you being served? We look at the growth in machines making purchase decisions for us

CASHLESS PAYMENT: Is frictionless, cashless payment gaining popularity and traction?

TAGGING ON SOCIAL OR MESSAGING: We look at the role of influence through social media and messaging apps

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