A Deep Dive into "The Future Shopper"

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  • What Amazon Can't Do! - is there hope for the high street?
  • Is shopping going social? The growing trends for selling via social
  • Why Amazon Prime sets a new standard for customer loyalty
  • Why a balanced online strategy mix is vital



In April 2018, we spoke to over 3,500 online shoppers across the UK and US about their preferences and expectations when shopping online. The findings were presented in "The Future Shopper" report.

This new brochure takes a deep dive into the key themes raised by the report, and the resulting feedback received from clients, retailers, brands and analysts.

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The Future Shopper 2018

Navigating the ecommerce landscape is a tricky business for brands and retailers. Choosing the right platform for a product, competing or collaborating with Amazon, and whether to embrace new technology, are only some thoughts that will keep many of them up at night.

But how are these brands and retailers reacting, jot just to today's demands of consumers, but to tomorrow's tech-savvy shoppers?

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