Focus areas & actions to manage unplanned traffic & demand peaks

Whilst a drop in demand elicits most focus right now, many businesses and product categories have experienced sudden, sustained peaks, as a clear move to shopping online has caused a continuous surge of website traffic.

And this has brought its own problems, with businesses challenged by supply chains issues, scaling up online channels and delivery capabilities, whilst maintaining standards of customer service.

This playbook addresses the 3 key scenarios below with considerations and actions to tackle each, covering:

  • Managing Online & Store Volumes
  • Product Availability & Supply Chains
  • Order Management
  • Collection & Delivery
  • Device Optimisation
  • Leveraging Social Channels
  • Customer Service
Unplanned peaks brochure


Managing online and store volumes

Even as stores re-open, online demand has shot up - not just for essential items

Product availability and supply chain

You're experiencing peak traffic volumes yet struggling to fulfil demand amid supply chain issues

Collection and delivery

Customer service suffers as you deal with surges in demand and availability / fulfilment issues


Drop in Demand and Sales 500x333


This playbook is the first in a series designed to help businesses address key challenges brought on by Covid-19 impacts. 

Drawing on our deep experience built up over decades in retail and eCommerce consultancy, this paper presents actionable insights and solutions on how to bolster your business for today's challenges, ready for the new normal.

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Lessons from China 500x333


For all the challenges Chinese retailers faced with on-premise retail in many sectors all but suspended, and footfall and supply chains severely disrupted by restrictions on movement, numerous stories have emerged of innovation, resilience and cooperation. And these approaches are likely to prove both crucial and future-ready as businesses pivot to both safety and longer term success.

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Rapid response measures 500x333


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are embattled, either by a collapse in custom or huge spikes in demand, by enforced store closures, or a constant pressure to align and protect their workforce. But look beyond these significant challenges, and you'll see there are clear, swift measures you can take to help you navigate the threats and seize opportunities. 

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