V9 - an attractive answer to traditional challenges

Those familiar with HCL Commerce will know that in December 2017, version 9 of the platform was released. This particular version upgrade presented several challenges. First off, upgrading a monolithic eCommerce platform which has been customised heavily to suit particular requirements is no mean feat. Coupled with the fact that it introduced a containerised architecture, V9 upgrades required lots of different technical skills and assets to build and operate the new platform, certainly compared to previous versions (I’ll talk more about containerisation later in this section).

Yet the more we worked with it, the more we liked it, immediately sensing its potential. V9’s ability to deliver quality new features quickly is compelling as is the level of customisation. In an industry where innovation is a key differentiator, being able to deliver features quickly is a major material benefit to any business. For a detailed perspective on our experience with this platform, illustrated by its application for DFS, download this insider’s guide.

Upgrading HCL Commerce to V( brochure


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The need to innovate faster, to integrate rapidly into new systems, and deploy quality code at a high frequency all demand new approaches to architecture. We share our expert inside track on the key components of a future-proofed eCommerce strategy, and look at how to build them into your systems today.

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With 87% of B2B companies migrating existing customers to digital channels, the stakes have never been higher in enabling successful digital transformation. Yet eCommerce platform migration can be a daunting endeavour. We look at the advantages in adopting a headless commerce model and a phased approach to platform migration.

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Better eCommerce implementation begins with a vision that articulates the strategic direction of your eCommerce plan, a developed architecture that supports your vision, and identifying data and developing interfaces before the implementation. It's only then you should select a platform that fits best with your vision and business processes.

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