What Amazon Can't Do (#WACD)

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Hope for the high street? 

With Amazon seemingly at the peak of its power and influence, much of the discussion revolves around what Amazon does well, and debating whether Amazon's dominance heralds the end of retail as we know it. 

What has, until recently, received far less attention is analysis of what Amazon's weaknesses are. While trying to learn lessons from a successful company is always useful, there are question marks over how much success simply mimicking the Amazon model can achieve. For retailers and brands looking to grab market share from the Amazon empire, a more fruitful line of inquiry is to ask What Amazon Can't Do. This article explores this and looks at the opportunities for brands and retailers where Amazon falls short.

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Navigating the ecommerce landscape is a tricky business for brands and retailers. Choosing the right platform for a product, competing or collaborating with Amazon, and whether to embrace new technology, are only some thoughts that will keep many of them up at night.

But how are these brands and retailers reacting, not just to today's demands of consumers, but to tomorrow's tech-savvy shoppers?

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